A sex overdose #MWTease from High-Risk Fever


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases!

This week’s tease comes from my ménage erotica HIGH-RISK FEVER, which recently re-released with an additional chapter ❤

In this scene, we’re continuing where we left off last week. After watching the two bicyclists playing with each other during the night, Anne is having a weird dream.

* * *

In her dream, hard cocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors proceeded before her eyes, as if on display in a store.

Confused, she looked around and found herself naked in a large, white-tiled bathroom with four men standing in a row under shower heads. Instead of water from the nozzles, rain fell through the open roof, enveloping her with icy liquid, clattering on the tiles. Hair dripping, the men stood with the pallor and apathy of mummies, shivering from the cold, water running down their faces, open mouths gasping for air like fish on land.

The lights went out with a terrifying bang. Her heart skipping a beat, she blinked. In the next second, she was kneeling on the same floor. The men stood in a circle around her, their erect cocks poking at her, some straight, some bending sideways. She stared in disbelief and took the nearest one in her hand, stroking it, before looking up to the guy’s face. Oh God, she recognized Todd’s bedazzling emerald eyes. Shocked, she let go of his cock and turned to the guy next to him. As she took his erection in her hand, she realized it was the one she’d previously seen in a mirror. Micaela’s. With a gasp, she dropped it and glanced at the next in the row. This one she knew well, her husband’s, with the familiar purplish color and protruding vein on the underside. She turned to look at the guy standing next to him, an elderly man with white pubic hair and a heavy belly, and Papa stared back, clear, blue eyes wide with shock!

Anne woke from her nightmare with a small cry of terror. For a frightening moment, she gasped, as if on the verge of drowning.

Darkness filled the room, though less black than before. Thin light from cracks in the wooden shutters made the furniture discernable. But the authorities hadn’t fixed the power yet. If they had, the ceiling lamp would be lit.

The storm still raged outside, shaking exposed treetops behind the house. Heavy rain hammered on the shutters, thrown there by gusts of wind.

Exhaustion grounded her to the mattress; she didn’t want to move a limb. Sleep hadn’t done her any good. The images from the dream had already faded, but she knew what was messing with her mind.

Too much sex in one day. I’ve had a sex overdose.

She would need to take it easy from now on, try to get her life back to normal. And that meant staying the hell away from the handsome bicyclists.

Copyright @ 2018 Lea Bronsen

High-Risk Fever_new cover 1600x2650.jpg

Two young and indecently handsome bicyclists visit a village in the French Alps during the summer holidays. Forced by a raging storm to spend the night at the local bed & breakfast, they invade the quiet lives of hostess Anne and her husband, Brian.

A power outage plunges the foursome into darkness, encouraging new liaisons to form, life-long secrets to be unveiled, and steamy lessons to be learned. But once the storm moves on, can the four find a balance and resume their normal lives?


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