My baby steps as an Evernight author

Hi everyone!

My wonderful publisher Evernight Publishing is celebrating 9 years of delivering SMART & SEXY ROMANCE to its readers. Each day, its authors share why they love being an Evernight author, and Evernight shares a prize with a lucky winner.

Today is my chance to talk about my baby steps as an Evernight author and how much it means to be part of the Evernight family

“I’ll never forget a spring day in 2013 when I, to my complete bewilderment, received an acceptance email for my rock star romance My Biggest Fan and asked my bestie DC Stone, who was already an Evernight author and had encouraged me to submit the story, “Do you think I can post the news on the reader’s group on Facebook? Or is it too soon, maybe I’m not considered an Evernight author yet and I’ll be thrown out…” She just laughed, posted the most heartwarming welcome note in the group, and the readers gave it an overwhelming response!”

Read the full post here


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