Cover reveal: Intimate Danger by D.C. Stone!

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When FBI agent Trent Rossi arrives to investigate a chain of crimes—devastating murders and violent rapes—an inexperienced small town Detective, Charlie, who’s assigned to assist, finds her desire surging for the agent—only to realize he is the primary suspect.

A sleeping threat has awakened in the small town of Nyack. Crimes in the cozy village, garner the attention of the FBI, who assign two agents to assist Charlie in tracking down the sick and deranged perpetrator. Agents Trent Rossi and Dillon Echols work closely with Charlie, but as the crimes progress, dark secrets begin to cloud the air, blurring the line between who is on the side of the law and who’s against it. Being Charlie’s first major case, she’s unprepared not only for the menacing killer on the loose, but also with the unexpected feelings Trent draws out of her.

While Trent holds secrets, disappears at random, and seems to understand their perpetrator all-too-well, Charlie’s suspicions grow along with the pull she feels toward him. Her attraction could become fatal, yet she does not realize it until it is too late.

The Three Thieves and the Dom by Elyzabeth M. Valey

Greetings, everyone! Today I have the pleasure of being here with the four main characters of my novel, The Three Thieves and The Dom, book 3 of The Witches’ Mischief Series.


Please, allow me to introduce you to, Conall Dougal, Penelope Blackemoor, Isidora Quinn and Grace Tesh.

The group smiles and nods. Conall sits in the center of the couch, Penelope to his right and Isidora to his left. On the floor, at his feet sits Grace. Both women on the couch have an arm looped around Conall. Grace, dressed in a cream colored gown, sits close to Conall’s leg. He touches her head for an instant and I can’t help but notice the way her face lights up.

His piercing grey eyes find man and though he doesn’t speak a word I can tell he wants me to start the interview and stop staring at them.

Elyzabeth: Thank you for taking a moment to be here with us. Can you please tell the readers what is the best memory you have of the adventure you’ve just lived through?

Grace and Isidora immediately start giggling. Penelope on the other hand furrows her brow in concentration. A wolfish grin spreads across Conall’s face.

Elyzabeth: Are you all thinking about sex?

Conall joins the girl’s laughter as they nod, enthusiastically.

I: How can we not? His tactic to discover the truth from us was by seducing us.

G: Not a hard feat at all, to be honest. We were already in love with him and *she tilts her head toward Conall and feigns covering her mouth* have you looked at him?

C: Grace.

There is clearly a playful warning in his tone as the blonde blushes and scoots closer to his leg.

P: I was not thinking about the sex.

Even though her voice is incredibly soft, we immediately turn our attention to her. She sits with her back straight and her hands neatly folded on her lap.

Elyzabeth: What were you thinking about Penelope?

P: I was thinking back to when Conall found me. He had entered my bedroom uninvited and I had demanded he leave immediately. Of course, he didn’t. *She smiles softly and cocks her head to the side, surreptitiously glancing at Conall from beneath her lashes* He told me he wasn’t going to go anywhere. He didn’t shout or speak forcefully. I remember looking at him and seeing the vulnerability. He was baring himself to him in a way that until that moment he’d never done before.

I can’t help grinning as Conall reaches out to cradle her cheek. She closes her eyes and he presses his mouth to hers. The kiss is brief but the smile on both their faces is one of serenity and sheer happiness.  

Elyzabeth: What can you tell us about the witches?

C: I would not have recovered my heart had they not stumbled upon my path. I am eternally grateful for their help.

Conall pets Grace, then takes Isidora and Penelope’s hands and squeezes.

P: We are all grateful to them. Their first approach was a bit unorthodox. *she smiles* but, it rattled us.

Elyzabeth: I’d ask you about how you came up with your brilliant plan, Penelope, but I think the readers might prefer to actually read about. So,  instead, and since you brought it up earlier, I’ll ask: favorite sex moment?

I: When Conall took me over his knee and spanked me.

She laughs a little breathlessly, her black curls bouncing slightly as she shifts in her seat.

G: When he caught up with me at the warehouse. We didn’t get far but his presence, his touch, I’d missed it so badly and then there he was, doing things to me.

P: I love taking him in my mouth. He thinks he’s in control but — *she bursts out laughing at Conall’s shocked expression*

Elyzabeth: How about you Conall?

C: All of them.

The girls start to protest but he quickly quiets them by lifting his hand.

All of them. I can’t pick only one. Every moment with them is a gift, every second spent by their side, touching them, kissing them, making love to them, simply sitting at their side, is a favorite in my book.

There’s a flurry of skirts and hair as the girls move to take turns kissing Conall. When they finally quiet back down, he’s grinning mischievously.

Then again, I do love spanking them, cropping them, giving them a little ginger root…

Elyzabeth: Okay, that’s enough. Thank you all for coming and thank you readers for reading. I hope you enjoy the love story of these four sex-crazed fiends. Until next time!



The Three Thieves and The Dom

(The Witches’ Mischief, 3)

Conall Dougal, infamous rake, wakes up one morning to find his most precious possessions have been stolen by the women he loves. Devastated, he goes in their search determined to find them and extract the truth from them in any way possible.

Penelope, Isidora, and Grace are on the run. They’ve committed a crime and left behind the man they love. Presumably safe, they are stunned when he turns up ready to claim them back and discover the truth.

But, what is the truth? And will Conall’s special kind of coaxing make them speak?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFFF), f/f sex, BDSM, sex toys, spanking, forced seduction


Available at || Amazon. Uk || Evernight Publishing ||  All Romance Ebooks || Bookstrand

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“Do you remember our first time together, little angel?”

“Yes, Master Conall.”

“Were you frightened then?”

She shook her head. “No sir, I was excited.”

Conall leaned into her, brushing his lips against her neck and causing goose bumps to rise on her flesh. “I was too.” He breathed in deeply, as if committing her fragrance to memory. His tongue swirled around the outer shell of her ear and she arched her body into his.

“So responsive, always so responsive. I want to fuck you, Gracie. Hard and fast because I want to punish your pussy for leaving me bereft.”

Grace moaned. The loud sound echoed in her ears. Panicked, she pushed him, desperate to escape from the clutches he had on her heart and soul. With ease, Conall captured her hands in his, binding her with his strength. Grace panted.  Liquid coated her pussy as her gaze found his.

“You want it too,” he said. “Are you wet?”

Grace swallowed. She couldn’t lie to him, but she could choose not to answer.

Conall smirked. “I know you are, angel.” Slowly, he lowered her hands and pressed them against his groin. Instinctively, she curled her fingers around his hard length. Conall groaned. “You want this as bad as I do.”

“No. I can’t.” Grace forced her hands away from his erection. A growl-like sound burst through his lips, catching her off guard. Grace yelped as he pulled her hair, sharply drawing her head back.

“Cannot or will not?” His passion-filled gaze flitted over her face for an instant. “Never mind,” he snarled. His lips slammed against hers in a punishing kiss that took the air from her lungs. He kept his hand on her hair so that she couldn’t move, controlling their kiss. She could only comply to his sensual touch, and that was all she wanted to do. His kiss deepened, his tongue seeking out hers in hard, angry swipes full of longing and unspent desire. Grace moaned loudly, as with his other hand he found her breast and roughly massaged it through her clothes. Abruptly, he pulled back.

“Angel, little angel of my heart. Will you not tell me why you left?”


Conall’s face transformed. His grin turned feral as his eyes narrowed, a fiendish spark in their depths.

“Then I will draw it out of you. I will kiss, lick, and make you scream out the truth.”

He punctuated each word by running his fingers across her chest and causing shiver after shiver to rack her form. Wetness slid between her thighs and her breasts ached for his touch. She had to get away from him. Unlike Isidora or Penelope, Grace knew that she was the weakest of them. She was like a house made of straw, one that could be thrown down by the wind in a jiffy. She could not allow it. She had promised Penelope to keep her secret, and she would.

Conall’s hand dipped lower, finding her nipple and pinching the hardened nub.

“Would you look at that? It’s already eager for my touch.”

Somehow, he managed to pull out her breast. Grace watched paralyzed as he leaned into her. His lips formed an O around the wrinkled flesh. His tongue swiped over it and her body arched automatically, her hands clutching onto his shoulder for support. His mouth closed hard over her nipple, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin, and she screamed. Conall’s hands grasped her bottom, drawing her into him as he fervently sucked on her breast.

“Do you feel it? My hard cock pressed against you? Waiting for your hot pussy to wrap around it like the glove you wear over your hand. My little angel, you always enjoyed serving me. Whatever I asked, you did without question and always with utter pleasure. Will you do so now?” He pulled out her other breast, twisting the nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“Master Conall, please.”

“Tell me, Grace.” He pinched harder. Tears gathered at the back of her eyes as pain collided with pleasure and the desire to tell him all.

“I cannot.”

“Yes, you can.”

She was unable to stop him as he hitched her skirts to her waist and found her wet folds.

“Oh God, Grace.” His voice broke, and for the first time ever she realized how affected he was by the situation.  “I want to fuck you, Grace. I want to stick my hard rod up your warm, wet pussy. I want to taste you, love. I want to hear you scream my name as you fall from heaven.” He pushed two fingers deep into her. Grace’s legs trembled.

“Tell me,” he urged, pumping them in and out of her.

“I cannot, I don’t—”

“Yes?” A third finger wound its way inside of her and she threw her head back, giving in to the rising pleasure.

They froze at the sound of a loud knock at the door.


Author Bio:

Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.

Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she’ll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream.

Author pic

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Bite of the Recluse by Azalea Moone and Anais Morgan

Please check out the NEW, HOT release by Azalea Moone and Anais Morgan! And don’t forget the giveaway!



Two years ago while Tristan and his boyfriend were enjoying some privacy, a recluse demon attacked them and his lover paid the ultimate price. Since that day, Tristan has dedicated himself to finding the demon. After all, an eye for an eye. All evidence points to a recluse named Damon.

Like all spider demons Damon knows about Tristan’s mission and is forced to stay on the move. But fate has a wicked sense of humor and they must team up to fight the real killer. But when she’s closer than Tristan expected, his and Damon’s relationship is tested before it can begin.


He placed his hands on his hips. “I need to see. I need all the pieces of the puzzle.”

Kill me now, God. “I have a sore spot. It started hurting shortly after Marcus died. I’ve always meant to go to the doctor, but looking for Marcus’ killer became priority.”

“Okay. Well, where is it?”

Please God, kill me now. Not only did I not want to drop trou, but in front of a demon? More importantly, in front of Damon, and those magnificent eyes, gorgeous body, and desirable lips? How in Jesus’ name I became attracted to him blew my mind. For that matter, when? Completely out of left field. It hit me suddenly. We were driving, talking, at the mountain, and suddenly I felt it. A passion I’d forsaken years ago. Yet, here I was, my cheeks reddening. Fuck it. I sighed, stood up and began unbuckling my belt. I slid my pants down.

Damon backed up a few feet. “Umm, what are you doing?”

“The bite is on my thigh.” I lifted my boxers to just the bottom of my butt cheek. “My upper thigh.”

Damon gazed over me skeptically before kneeling down in front of me. I felt his warm fingertips touch my skin. To my surprise, I had to do everything in my power to stop from shivering. The way his touch felt, his fingers dancing over that sensitive spot… It normally hurt, but Damon was so gentle with me that it caused a different reaction. A different, dangerous reaction.

I glanced behind me. Damon looked up, his gorgeous silvery eyes gleaming with…lust? No, that couldn’t be it. But I thought it was. I drank in his gaze, the power behind those eyes. I had the urge to push him on the bed and allow our feet to entwine as we spent hours in bed together. Instead I pulled up my pants. Much smarter move.

“What do you think?” I asked.

He stared at me, a look of confusion crossing his face before he smiled and moved back to his seat. “Definitely recluse. I’d say my sister bit you.”

My skin burned from his touch. I wanted to, desired more than anything, to ask him to touch me again. I peered at him from below my lashes. He was doing the same. Fuck it. I rushed over to his chair and placed my lips upon his, claiming his mouth. The way he slipped his tongue past the barrier made my cock harden. I did the same, and our tongues danced with one another’s. He was warm, inviting, and didn’t hold back. My breath became harsh as I stilled, afraid of what I had just done.

I quickly pulled away and ran for the bathroom. Once inside I closed the door and pressed my body against it, hoping that if Damon came knocking, he couldn’t get in.

I knew I stunk. Plus I had a massive erection in my jeans. I turned on the water of the shower and got it to a nice temperature. After undressing, I stepped beneath the spray.


Favorite sex position?

Damon: I suppose it would be called missionary. Or some position where we’re facing each other.

Tristan: Missionary. Damon has the best come face.

Least favorite sex position but you still do?

Damon: Doggy, from behind, whatever you humans call it. I like to see the look on Tristan’s face when he’s fucking me. Unless he’s forcing me against a wall, or I have a blindfold on. I love it when he’s dominant with me.

Tristan: Over the shoulders. I don’t care who can do what, I cannot contort enough for that shit.

Favorite sex toy?

Damon: Anything that restricts movement. Cuffs, ropes, etc. and a blindfold.

Tristan: Paddle. I love the sound an ass makes when it gets smacked.

Sex toy you’d like to try?

Damon: This is another of my little secrets, since Tristan and I don’t practice hard BDSM, but I’m really interested in a cock and ball harness. Shhh… Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to ask.

Tristan: Ben Wa balls. I want to see Damon squirm while I cut open a demon’s throat.

If you could change one thing about the other, what would it be?

Damon: His overall attitude against all demons. I know he spent years killing demons in search for me, but now that’s he’s found me, his attitude with demons hasn’t improved much. There are good demons, well as good as a demon can get. But for him, they’re all evil. Sometimes I wonder if he still feels that way about me.

Tristan: His views on humans. He thinks all humans are beautiful. All creatures, in fact. He doesn’t understand that most want to hurt or kill you. Damon has too much of a trusting nature.


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Book Boyfriend Blog Hop


The Book Boyfriend Blog Hop is back and better than ever!

The authors of Evernight have a brand new team of swoon-worthy book boyfriend candidates. A sexy assortment of cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, and shifters are just a click away.

Get ready to find your next book boyfriend…

On this stop, Lea Bronsen interviews charmeur deluxe and rock ‘n roll bad boy Shawn Torien!


Lea: Hi Shawn! I’m so glad to have you here. We haven’t spoken since the release of your book, the erotic contemporary romance My Biggest Fan in August last year. Can you believe it’s been that long?

Shawn: No. It’s nice to see you, too, Lea. How you been?

Lea: Oh, busy 🙂 Let’s do this quick and easy – the readers have forty-something blogs to visit! So I have a few fan questions for you. Starting with scars, tattoos, and piercings. Do you have any, and if so, what do they mean to you?

Shawn: Yep, I have all of that. Scars from fights, mostly, when I was young and crazy. Piercings, too. When I founded the band, I wore a nose chain like Rachel Bolan, but it kept getting stuck in the girls’ hair and clothes, so it had to go. I still wear my jewels like a queen – silver rings on my nose, ears, fingers, navel… I swear, one day someone’s going to challenge me to have one pierced into my dick, too. As for tattoos, I have a snake on the side of my throat, with its tongue licking along my artery. A little higher, tattooed in black below my ear lobe, are the words ‘Bloodless’, the name of my groove rock band.

Lea: How cool. Who has been your greatest influence (parent, friend, idol), and why?

Shawn: That’s very hard to say. Being in the music industry, it’d be natural to name a rock star. Someone from the 70s, like Hendrix. But to answer your question honestly, the person who most influenced me is the one my book is really about: my biggest fan, my mother. It’s her love that kept me afloat. She’s the reason I was never found OD’ying in the gutter like some in the business were.

Lea: How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

Shawn: My colleagues, you mean the band? That’s easy. Before I met Sam, they’d describe me as the wild one. I was constantly drunk or drugged-out, and it showed in our recordings. It’s a miracle that we were able to put out any albums at all. Now, I still enjoy a beer or two, but thanks to Sam, I don’t have that crazy urge to self-destroy anymore. She’s made me appreciate new facets of life.

Lea: What is your greatest talent?

Shawn: Ha ha, you’d think playing the bass? Nope, my greatest talent is making a fool of myself. I love being the clown. Goofing around on stage, back stage… I keep pissing off the road manager – well, the whole record company – ’cause I don’t ever take myself or anyone else seriously.

Lea: What are you the most hopeless at?

Shawn: *sighs* Being romantic. I suck at candles and roses. Thank fuck Sam doesn’t care much for that, either. But holding hands, cuddling in bed, kissing sweetly, these are things she loves and I’ll always do for her. Always, from the bottom of my heart.

Lea: How deeply does your job define you as a person?

Shawn: Being a so-called rock star defines me and my everyday life completely. I can’t take a break or suddenly choose to be someone else. Wherever I go, there’ll be fans waiting for autographs, journalists asking for a few words… It’s a 24-four-hour thing. I am me, and my job is me, too.

Lea: What is your most cherished possession?

Shawn: C’mon, Lea, what kind of a question is that? My cock, without a doubt. Ha ha. You thought I’d say Sam? Well, yeah, of course she’s my most cherished possession, but without a cock I’m no good to her either. *grins*

Lea: You silly you! *laughs* Another stupid question – how do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?

Shawn: I love girls. Like Gene Simmons, I’d have any girl, small and large, as long as she was willing. Now I gotta keep those thoughts to myself. Sam would freak out if she knew I’m still able to admire a nice ass or a pair of titties.

Lea: What were you doing before you met Samantha? How was your life different?

Shawn: Everything was different. My mindset, more than anything. The way I saw things, the way I wanted my life to be, and the way I chose to treat people around me. She made me change. Now I can’t imagine being without her. She’s not only sweet but quite the sexy minx, which is nice when I’m in need of—

Lea: —Okay, thank you so much for joining us on this blog hop, and thanks for your, ahem, honesty! 🙂

Blurb for Shawn’s book “My Biggest Fan”:

Shawn Torien is a handsome, arrogant bassist with the groove rock band Bloodless. At thirty four, he’s seen everything, been everywhere, and all is handed to him on a silver plate—groupies included. His rock star attitude is questioned when the record company’s young webmistress Samantha joins the band to cover their life on the road.

Since she has crushed on Shawn for years, he takes great pleasure in teasing her and pushing her away… until he learns about the woman beneath the surface.


What’s up for grabs?

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How to enter? Answer this question in the comments below…

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You’re one step closer to meeting your next Book Boyfriend…

Extreme Heat by Jewel Quinlan


BLURB: When photographer Cloe Gaige gets assigned to cover the Pro Kiteboarding finals in Morocco she never expects to run into her childhood crush. Back then, their age difference is what caused her to pull away. Would he resent her for how she treated him back then?

Fully grown, pro kiteboarder Kai Shephard is a tough competitor used to going after what he wants…and getting it. When he catches sight of Chloe in the crowd with her camera, nothing can stop him from trying to be with her again. Except Chloe, that is. Would she see him for the man he is now?

BUY LINKS: Evernight Publishing, Amazon, All Romance e-Books, Barnes and Noble, BookStrand, Apple iBooks, Sony or add it to your shelf on Goodreads.


“I’m glad you’re here, Chloe.”

“You are?”

He turned his head toward her and looked into her eyes, his hands pressed into her back, drawing her closer. “Because I’ve thought of that night hundreds of times.” His words were loaded with meaning.

Chloe skimmed her eyes over his handsome face. He was positively smoldering with emotion. She swallowed hard. This was the moment, the one she would never forget. Her eyes locked on his and her mind churned over the different signals and sensations her body was picking up.

“Have you?” he whispered.

They were so close. His lips were right there, and he could kiss her any second. His deep, dark eyes were drawing her in.

She nodded.

He lay still, waiting, but she said nothing more. “You have to give me more than that,” he said. “I still don’t know what happened. I thought you liked it when I kissed you.”

Anxiety filled her. It was time to come clean. What would he think of her reasons? How would he see her after she admitted what a weak person she was? “I did,” she said blurted. “It was just….”

His clasp on her back remained firm and he turned his body to face hers so their fronts were pressed together. “Just what?”

Chloe could feel her face filling with the heat of embarrassment. Did he really want to talk about it? “It was just…school and my friends and….” She stopped and buried her face in his chest, not wanting to say anything more. He smelled so good. The warm scent of athletic male and ocean breeze.

He grasped her chin with his hand and lifted her face. “What else?”

Looked like she wasn’t going to be able to get out of explaining. He had that earnest look in his eyes again, the one she remembered from long ago.

“I need to know,” he said.

She couldn’t deny him. “Our age difference,” she said with a wince.

“Seriously?” His breath whooshed out with his surprise. “I mean, I know you’ve made comments about it before, but that was the reason you wouldn’t talk to me anymore?”

“Yes. No. Sort of,” she said in a rush. “Couldn’t you see how strange it would have been?”


She sighed. “Of course not. You are such a male. If you were a teenage girl you would understand.”

“What is there to understand?”

She pulled away from him and lay on her back once again. “All the pressure,” she said. “To fit in, to be cool, to be part of the group.”

“And you and me would have been a problem?” he asked, sounding hurt.

The tone in his voice caused her long-held guilt to well up. “Not a problem, exactly. Just…not usual. I don’t think the guys in the senior class we always hung out with would have accepted you even if some of my friends had,” she explained. “Come on, Kai. I’m sure you remember what it was like being a teenager.”

He ran a hand through his hair and stared up at the stars. “I do but what I don’t remember is ever having problems fitting in.” After a moment he gave a great exhale. “Okay, sure. I guess I can understand. Not that I’ve ever lived my life caring about that stuff, but…I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it.” Using the arm still cushioning her head and shoulders, he turned her to face him again. “But you did like me then?” he asked.

She nodded.

He smiled. “And what about now?”

She felt shy and squirmy under his gaze but admitted with hesitation, “Yes.”

He beamed at her response. “And does our age difference still bother you? I’m twenty-one and you’re twenty-three. We’re always going to be a couple of years apart.”

She looked away from him feeling very shy and hating it. He still liked her? Was it possible after she’d rejected him? A small thrill shot through her stomach. “No. Why should it bother me?” she said, with a small shrug. Chloe was sure she looked braver than she felt.

“Because I want to be with you, Chloe. I want what was lost to us before.” He searched her face with his eyes and then added in a low voice, “And because I’m going to kiss you.”


From a young age, Jewel Quinlan had an abundant imagination and strong desire to write novels. She particularly enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance. An avid traveler, she has visited fifteen countries so far (which she enjoys using as settings in her novels) and has plans to see more of the world. She has a particular fondness for Bavaria and studies the German language as one of her hobbies. During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her two dogs; Shimmer and Penny.


For more information about books by Jewel Quinlan visit her website and blog or you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter

In the author spotlight: Rebecca Brochu

Please check out author Rebecca Brochu’s newest release “Next to You”!



Understaffed, overworked and generally exhausted contractor Ricci DeAngelo still has to contend with a long subway ride at the end of each day.  The last thing he expects is to fall head long into a relationship while dozing on the train.  But that’s exactly what happens when a sexy and equally exhausted stranger falls asleep on his shoulder one night.

Ricci’s nap partner ends up being Layton Callis, an equally overworked pâtissier who looks and smells good enough to eat.  When they unexpectedly fall into a routine of napping together on the late train Ricci finds himself in a unique position.  He can continue only seeing Layton during the week and spending his weekends in a sleepless mess.  Or Ricci can step up and see if he can get Layton to agree to wake up next to him on a more permanent basis.


“I’m going to kiss you now.”  Ricci blurted it out and watched Layton’s eyes go wide and then soft and hot. He reached out and put the empty mug on the bedside table beside Layton’s.

“If that’s how you react to coffee, I’m definitely going to have to cook breakfast…”  Layton’s teasing was drowned out as Ricci pushed forward and kissed him.

It started slow, just like the kiss from the night before.  Ricci teased the seam of Layton’s lips with his tongue, licked at the corners of his mouth leisurely for a moment before he swept inside.  He chased the taste of coffee around Layton’s mouth, learned the curve of his teeth and the wet, hot strength of his tongue all over again.  It was good, better than any kiss Ricci could remember at the moment.  It only improved when Layton pressed closer until Ricci was forced to lean back completely against the headboard so Layton could crawl forward onto his lap.

They broke the kiss slowly and stayed where they were for a moment, faces pressed close as they both panted for air.  Layton moved first. He slid his hands up the wide expanse of Ricci’s chest and then down over the curve of his shoulders as he ducked his head so he could place nipping kisses on the base of Ricci’s neck.

Ricci groaned and tipped his head back to give Layton better access while he clenched one hand in the sheet beside him and trailed the tips of the fingers on his other hand down Layton’s bare back until he could palm the curve of his ass.

Layton whined, a sweet high-pitched sound, when Ricci squeezed his ass lightly and then he set his teeth to Ricci’s skin harder in response.

Ricci bucked his hips upwards as he hissed at the sting.  They both groaned low and long when the rapidly hardening jut of his cock pressed against Layton’s through the thin fabric of their sleep pants.

“You said I could touch you.”  Ricci’s pulled Layton closer to him with the hand on his ass and finally untangled his other from where it had begun to claw at his bed sheets.  “I really hope you meant it.”

“I meant it.”  Layton’s words were broken by the way he panted against the curve of Ricci’s neck.  “I definitely meant it.”


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Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca!