Fantastic 5-star review for The Perfect Shoot!!

“Set at an author conference in Cannes, this is the story of 38-year-old romance writer Andrea and her cover model, 23-year-old Yushka.

When Andrea sees him fondling the conference organiser she recognises him immediately. He’s the boyishly handsome model on the cover of her latest book. Andrea has spent the last 18 years single-handedly raising her twin boys, so she’s had little time for love.

When a crowded lift and a pushy friend pre-empts the introduction she’d planned for the Meet and Greet session, she feels like a teenager again.

The chemistry sizzles between them from the beginning, but she’s concerned by the age difference, and after waiting 18 years, the last thing she wants is a quickie in  a  hotel restroom.

The more they are thrown together at the conference, the greater the heat between them. As Andrea struggles to reconcile her attraction to a man only 4 years older than her sons, Yushka is determined to prove to her he wants more than just a one night stand.

When a steamy photo shoot turns dangerously realistic, Andrea can no longer fight the sizzling chemistry between them.

Packed with scorching heat and realistic emotional turmoil, this book is a must read with a satisfying happy ending.”

– A big thank you to Sizzling Hot Books!!


Review of Intimate Danger by D.C. Stone

I came across Intimate Danger at a time when I was looking for a new book to read. I wanted something fresh. Blood-boiling hot, fast-paced, tense to the point of deadly, yet with the drama-filled ups and downs of a growing romance. D.C. Stone’s story was the only one to fit the bill. I volunteered to critique it, but more as a reader – quickly becoming a fan – than a fellow writer able to be of any help.

Among a great cast of characters, we meet the tough, beautiful heroine struggling to put a painful past behind while building a career as a police Detective… assigned to her case, the secretive FBI agent with looks to die for – literally – and most suspicious behavior… and, setting the stage, a deliciously naughty, perfectly mental bad guy whose untamable needs just keep escalating. Who is who?

Know that if you choose to read Intimate Danger, be prepared to immerse in tensions of *all* kinds, sweating gallons for hours on end because you won’t be able to put it down. As for me, I’m still a devoted reader and fan of Ms Stone’s.