What name to choose for my blog?

Okay people, I need help! I’ve decided having a blog simply called “Blog” no longer works for me and I’m looking for a new, cool name.  As a long-time fan of rock band KISS, I want to pick a name from one of their songs or albums – but which one?

Here are a few ideas. Please leave your votes (or your own suggestions) in the comment section below. A lucky winner gets to choose one of my ebooks!

Love Gun

Crazy Nights

Lick it Up

A Million to One

Hot in the Shade

Calling Dr. Love

Hard Luck Woman

Kissin’ Time

While the City Sleeps

See You in Your Dreams

Hotter than Hell

Tough Love

Thrills in the Night

Ladies in Waiting


Radar for Love

King of Hearts

Love for Sale

Then He Kissed Me

I Stole Your Love

Magic Touch

Good Girl Gone Bad

Save Your Love

Under the Rose

Saint and Sinner

Prisoner of Love

Creatures of the Night

Gimme More


4 responses to “What name to choose for my blog?

  1. …And the winner is: CRAZY NIGHTS BLOG
    The song “Crazy, Crazy Nights” was not only the one that launched me into KISS fandom back in 1987, “Crazy Nights” was also the first album I bought of the band and forever cherished 🙂


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