Dark Captive – Manlove gets “Top Pick” award and two raving 5-star reviews!!

It’s a good day to be a dark erotic SM author. The bestselling Evernight anthology I’ve participated in, Dark Captive – Manlove Edition, was given the “Top Pick” award from The Romance Reviews today, as well as a five-star review.


It also received a ‘Five Shooting Stars’ review from Redz World Reviews, where my story Get Off Hard was given heartwarming praise:

“The next story I would say for me stood out is a new to me author. Get Off Hard by Lea Bronsen. In this story we have two hot hockey players who cannot decide if they want to kill each other or well be between the sheets with each other. Their story has many layers to it. One is a rookie who has had a rough time of it. He needs to have faith again. The other is a pro who has a ton of past pain he is carrying around. These two could have had a much longer story, I did feel this short was just a beginning for them. Loved the connection and the whole story itself for this one.”


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